Artistic Education

Artistic achievements and cultural policies

Cultural democratization has become an issue for public policies, local or national, which now recognize art as an emancipatory status and call on experienced artists to clear this territory

Art in the heart of the city

Art projects carried out within the framework of municipal public policy
Photos of some artistic, educational, cultural projects designed and directed for foundations, theaters, schools, cultural centers, museums and media libraries, most often thanks to the Cultural and Artistic Action networks and their actors.

Multidisciplinary projects

At the Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Art in Saint-Laurent-du-Var (Alpes- Maritimes), Alessandra Viotti Gilabert's multidisciplinary projects which concern the plastic arts, creative writing, poetry and theater, regularly enliven the cultural and artistic seasons, since 2016.



Led workshops in plastic arts and poetry

At the Freinet Media Library in Vence (Alpes-Maritimes), in 2016 and 2019, Alessandra Viotti Gilabert led workshops in plastic arts and poetry and exposed the work carried out with school children.
In 2019, they received the first three prizes of the «Art and Tolerance» festival.

EAC Project «Voyage en poésie»
A. Verdet Media Library of Carros

The A. Verdet Media Library of Carros (Alpes-Maritimes), during the 2020 edition of the «Springtime of Poets», festival, exhibited, as part of the EAC Project «Travel in poetry», artistic works (plastic arts, poetry) produced by primary school children and a group of adults, under the direction of Alessandra Viotti Gilabert./p>


Live performing arts and theatrical creation for youth

Alessandra Viotti Gilabert’s books lend themselves easily to children shows, because they are grounded on universal principles such as justice, friendship, harmony with nature, and defend causes such as education, tolerance, biodiversity...

She herself designed and directed two theatrical performances from of her own short stories:
«48 hands and a bare hart», taken from «48 mani e un cuore messo a nudo», published in 2013 by Lineadaria.
«Simon in love», taken from «Simone innamorato», published in 2011 by Lineadaria.
Both theatrical performances were widely praised by critics.

Theatrical performance of 48 mani e un cuore messo a nudo
(48 hands and a bare heart)

"48 mani e un cuore messo a nudo" (48 hands and a bare heart) is a book that shows a singular artist, an old man with soft black eyes like velvet, at a difficult time in his life.
The text thus speaks of some true-hearted children who, for the elderly artist, will be authentic masters of life.
It tells the story of a naughty but good little dog, a house full of light, a fragrant garden with flowers and a poetic little girl who needs help.
The book demonstrates the child's ability to convince the adult, transforming everything into love and color.

Theatrical performance «Simone innamorato» (Simon in love)

«Simone innamorato» (Simon in love) is a book about love in all its forms declined.
It is a sentimental education, a learning tale of respect and tolerance, which are the cement of human relationships.

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