Artist, Painter, Auteur,
Listed Artist by Drouot,
Member of the Academy Arts-Sciences-Letters of Paris,
Member of the European Academy of Arts France.


Alessandra Viotti-Gilabert was born in Biella (Piedmont, Italy). She exhibits regularly at the international level, Paris, Monaco, Toulouse, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Florence, Tokyo, Seoul, Athens, Rome in prestigious salons as those of the Grand Palais in Paris the "Salon Dessin et Peinture à l'eau "d'Art Capital" and in the Metropolitan Art Museum in Tokyo. More than 45 international exhibitions including 7 "Solo" in the last 4 years during which her style of painting has been recognized by critics and the public. She has received several price in Paris, Barcelona, Tokyo and Rome.

  • In Novembre 2017, she became a Member of the Academy Arts-Sciences-Lettres of Paris awarded twice with the Silver Medal in 2018 and 2023.
  • In December 2020, she was a Member of the Academy European of France Arts.
  • In December 2022, she is a listed Artist by Drouot in the Dictionary of listed Artists.
  • In March 2023, she is a Member of Taylor Fondation.
  • Since November 2023, Alessandra is an Artist represented by MGM Majestic Gallery Montsûrs


At the age of 18 she becomes the favourite pupil of the very famous Italian Master Pippo Pozzi, painter, engraver and ceramist. She studies and learns in her studio, attended along of the time by the most famous artists, writers and poets of the twentieth century, including Italo Calvino, Mario Luzi, Carlo Carrà, Jean-Paul Sartre, Marc Chagall, Mario Avati and others, all friends of the painter. It is in this privileged climate that she is able to release all her creativity.

After graduating as a teacher, she undertakes studies in pedagogy and didactics as well as university studies in Literature, Philosophy and Communication.


In the '90s, her life suddenly changed. While Master Pozzi decides that her paintings must be exposed in Venice, Alessandra falls ill as a result of poisoning due to the chemical vapours inhaled every day in the studio, who forces her to stop painting temporarily.

She then turns to writing, publishing 14 books (in French and in Italian) illustrated by her care, most of them in black and white.

At the same time, she designed dresses, creates jewellery and scenographies for the theatre.

Deeply in love with French culture, she decides, in July 2014, to settle in the French Riviera in France, where she starts painting again.


Publications in France

«BlancPur», Morrigane Editions, 2017
«Le Poème de Vera», Segnidartos Editions, 2016
«Ludovic de la Faîtière», (nouvelle), 2017
«La Colline des Violettes», Segnidartos Editions, 2015
«Le Lac Rond et la Mer Azur», Segnidartos Editions, 2015

Publications in Italy

«La Poesia di Vera», Segnidartos edizioni, 2016
«48 mani e un cuore messo a nudo», Lineadaria edizioni, 2013
«Simone innamorato», Lineadaria edizioni, 2011
«La poesia delle more di gelso», Lineadaria edizioni, 2008
«Il cielo sopra le viole», Lineadaria edizioni, 2008
«BiancoPuro», Lineadaria edizioni, 2007
«L’Eco delle viole», Lineadaria edizioni, 2006
«La Collina delle viole», Lineadaria edizioni, 2005
« Ludovico della Gronda », (nouvelle) Lineadaria edizioni, 2005

As a playwright, she has written and directed:

«Simone innamorato», 2011
«48 mani e un cuore messo a nudo», 2013.
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